The story of Unikum

The world is changing and we adapt. We know that people can’t be fit into demographic tables, they are part of a culture. They don’t care about commercials, they’re interested in ideas. They don’t buy things, they purchase visions. During the last 9 years, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, we accomplished significant milestones, and we’re definitely not going to stop – to infinity and beyond!

We organize first workshops and specialized trainings

We regularly show what we can do on selected events, while relentlessly trying to move further and create something of our own.

We manage marketing budgets over 100 mil CZK

We appreciate our customers’ trust. During this year, we crossed the magical border of 100 mil CZK.

We develop relationships with strategic partners

Mergado, Bidding Fox, RTB House, Shoptet, VIVnetworks etc. We collaborate with specialized partners, not giants.

For the first time, we help a client expand abroad

We put our clients in over 15 foreign markets. And we’re still adding new ones.

We start doing online marketing

After a couple of years, clients come to us asking about online marketing, and we see that this could be our destiny.

Unikum is born

During the first years, we were coding our hearts out. Among our first clients was also Chefparade Cooking School.
The story of Unikum begins

Our team

Ondřej Götthans


Veronika Šulcová

Performance Advertising
Team Leader

Martin Dobeš

Project & Sales
Team Leader

Jana Dzuričková

Senior Inbound Specialist

Kristýna Andrýsová

Project Manager

Kateřina Kulová

Project Manager

Olga Lešnerová

Senior PPC Specialist

Martin Mihálik

Senior PPC Specialist

Kamila Martínková

Senior PPC Specialist

Marián Laššák

Junior PPC Specialist

Pavla Mikolášková

Senior Social Baker

Anna Ročková

Junior Social Baker

Our certifications