NO’s we stand by

1/ We do NOT cooperate with companies that do NOT respect their customers and sell them products they would NOT use themselves.

2/ We do NOT engage in political marketing or religious affairs. In this way, we make sure we do NOT make our colleagues do something against their personal beliefs.

3/ We do NOT support fields such as tobacco and porn industry, gambling or selling weapons. We want to keep our hands clean.

4/ We will NOT cooperate with subjects involved in illegal activities. Not even on the edge of legality. We are generally NOT very fond of edges, and we prefer doing things that make sense and come with an added value.

5/ We do NOT want to collaborate with clients that deceive their customers deliberately. A lie has no legs, and we want to be marathon runners in marketing.

6/ We do NOT do black hat SEO, hence we will NOT buy you links, we will NOT use transparent texts in web contents, and we will NOT write fake reviews for you.

7/ We do NOT forge customer reviews. We believe that a happy customer will leave an honest one.

8/ We do NOT buy likes or followers. We’d rather work hard to get each like, follow and comment, to know we are building a real community, NOT bought fake followers.

9/ We do NOT support bypassing our company and dealing directly with our specialists. We work as a team and we support each other rather than trip each other up.