We analyze, review and check each element, and we tell you where it makes sense to put your money.We’ll have a look at, what doesn’t work and we’ll show you the secrets of online marketing. Together we can concentrate on things that bring real results to you.

We’ll write everything down in a comprehensive document which you can link with other activities to get an overview of everything that’s happening in your marketing.

PPC campaigns management on Google, Seznam, FB and Instagram

We can tell you what’s the goldmine of online marketing – PPC campaigns. We basically live online marketing, so we know how important it is to create and target your PPC campaigns correctly. Google, Seznam and social media are our dear friends.

We constantly test and optimize the campaigns so that they become as effective as possible to bring you relevant visitors. We’ll lead paying customers to your website.

Comparison shopping engine optimization

Comparison shopping engines like Heuréka or Glami give a lot of bang for the buck. It’s a place where you can find your potential customers in the most convenient phase of their purchase – when they’re thinking about buying your product or search for the most convenient offer. Make sure you are where the customers are looking for you.

We prepare a bidding strategy, a complete profile and documentation for you. We also provide the current and functional XML feed, so you won’t have to do too much work.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and UX

Do you want to be among the first places in organic search? Well traceable for search engine robots and paying customers? Besides top magicians, SEO can do just that. When you bring a customer to the site, we cast UX spells. All the obstacles that might disturb them or, heaven forbid, leave the basket, must be cleared of their path.

This gives you an edge over your competition and better performance across all marketing channels.

Affiliate marketing

Let’s take a look at your affiliate account. Is it optimally set? Does it have all the required functions? And does it pay off at all? Knowing where we are, we will create a tailored strategy for you, taking into account all your individual needs.

The highlight is a complete service from opening and setting up your account, securing documents and favorable conditions, to attracting new partners and running affiliate campaigns. Simply affiliate without worries.

Real Time Bidding

Want a premium area for your display ad? The solution is an RTB campaign. We will only show your products to relevant customers in a short time with the accuracy of a Swiss watchmaker.

At the same time, we’ll keep an eye on efficiency and optimize your ads to get the most of them. We know conversions don’t only come from desktops, and we optimize ads for all devices.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and web tracking

Analytics is not easy but it has valuable data. We do not despair, and we always get the numbers we need. Thanks to them we discover who your customers are, what they are looking for, and how to bring more to you.

Online marketing is alive but without measuring tools, we cannot evaluate its success or figure out where it fails. When reporting, we will tell you what these numbers mean and why a business cannot function without them.

Export marketing

You already have your local market perfectly covered and want to start in another country from scratch? Every country has its own shopping behavior and the German customer differs from the Czech one in almost everything. Germans, for example, are more exact and look at the quality rather than price, and Hungarians have completely different priorities, too.

We will help you to be confident in export marketing, we will make analyses of markets, where it pays off for you to expand and prepare a strategy tailored to your business.

E-shop creation (Shoptet)

All the marketing of the world will be wasted if your customer gets lost on the web and doesn’t complete the conversion. That’s why we decided to connect with Shoptet and offer our clients the best solution for their online business.

Shoptet is a simple and effective platform for your e-shop. Managing things, like adding products on your e-shop, will become a nice morning coffee activity. All the necessary data can be found in three clicks. We will take care of all the settings of this great content management system and you can start selling immediately.


Let’s have a cup of good coffee and talk about how we can kick-start your marketing. We are not afraid of challenges, we are enthusiasts and we definitely do not bite.